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NEWS: Its Been years since i updated...I got some more music, changed the friends.. =-) thats it...

Heres where you may proceed to:

Animated Gif's (A few animated gifs!)
Evangelion (All Anime fans know this one!)
Friendly Tribute To My Friends (Ah...my friends)
Music Page (Can't live without it)
Other Cool and Extreme Animes (The other cool animes! Some material may be offensive, blah blah)
Slayers (One of my personal Favorite animes)
Slayers Image Gallery (Images!!!)
WarCraft 2 (A strategy game with humour)
War Hammer 40,000 (A good Table top game)
War Hammer 40,000 Figure Gallery (Figures ...need i say more?
Links To Other Great Pages (Only cool pages go here...)

Well i hope you find your stay here....most rewarding!

*This midi is from Slayers* 

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