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  So you decided to know what War Craft 2 is?
WC2 (for short) is a strategy game made by  Blizzard . Blizzard is known for making games such as Diablo and StarCraft.
WC2 involves two races. The Noble humans and the Blood thirsty Orcs. Both races are pretty much the same yet for some different spells. The point of the game is to destroy the other race by completeing certain given tasks. The game itself has nice color and the units look awesome. The battles may last a while if a lot of units are at place but overall the game has the speed and graphics.
  Units may be built or trained. Units are your guys who fight, defend, patrol, and mainly , Kill. Units can be Footmen, Knights Or Ogres and Trolls if your the Orcs. Each unit has its own stats and may be upgraded by paying a visit (and some gold) to your BlackSmith. Troll Axethrowers and Elven Archers may be upgraded at you Lumber Mills. Each unit can only take so much damage before they die.
  Once you play the single player for a bit. Its time for more advanced raids in Multiplayer. You can use a Modem, IPX Network, Serial Cable, Or the internet. To see a very affordable and great multiplayer server, check out  Kali Net .
When you play multiplayer, the players aren't as stupid as the computer (lets hope not...or lets hope so =Þ ) but they aren't as fast. Other players are harder to kill and they may be 10 times better than you since they rush or develop strategies. I played  and i've seen some amazing players but i've also seen some crappy players.
  When you start a multiplayer game you may want allies. They do not attack you but may aid you and help you in fights. Allies are usually picked once inside the game and its done mainly by TVB (kali term for Top Vs Bottom). I personally like games where theres 6 players and we all ally for a good 3v3 game. 

As you see in this picture. There are 3 of us and we are all close by. Our team support helps us along and also since we are so close we can build more defense. The screen shot to the right is the unit. in this case i have a Elvish Ranger selected. Notice the unit is highlighted in green. Archers are good in penetration but there armor is horrid. This lil dude has been upgraded from a normal Archer to a Ranger and then his arrows have been upgraded twice. Remember that upgradeing does cost money. Now back to the point. As you see in the mini map. We are expanding as we kill off. Gold mines are needed so we can get money and keep our town supplied with buildings and units. Also not only do we need gold but we need Lumber and oil for ships, buildings and more.
  Now you get the basic idea of whats what and how to play multiplayer. I would recommend this game for C&C lovers and i think you'll enjoy it!

  Note: This picture is my level. =) A co-op Level.

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