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  So you decided to see a little more detail and stuff about WC2 eh?
Well then your wrong.....ha ..... i mean you came to the right place. Here at uhhhh mmmmm oh yah here at Marcin's All time WC2 stuff ® we are glad to provide you with some samples of the game!
I think you will find these files and pics of interest. =)

Wav Files

The Knight when he's ready to serve. Yup i like his talking. It sounds so thunderous!


Here is a Knight upgraded to Paladin. Paladins are holy should know that =)


Ogre's are really stupid, by brains i mean! Hear this one out...


Uhhh just to show you some more Ogre stupidity =)


Heres the Ogre Mages (Smarter Ogres) argueing


I like the Troll's talk. He sounds cool.


More Troll talk =)


The Death knights are the Un-Dead....hear the DK be surprised...


Dragons are awesome