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Me ol'

  Yup thats right...The War Craft 2 section of my huge page. Here you can find info about the to play it and some of my brand grade A blended Puds. I hope ya like it and if you think War Craft 2 is old...THINK AGAIN because at  Kali Net we play a lot of War Craft 2 against each other. Its a lotta fun esp. when you get no lag and your against 5 others or if your on teams! Yup War Craft 2 shall still be played for a while.

 Well decide your journey, warrior.

 Main Castle : What is this War Craft 2???
 Keep : How does the game look and sound like?
 The Barracks : Learn tips on how to crush even the hardest of Foes 
 Azeroth : Lets see some levels!

*Mission Music *

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