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  War Hammer 40,000 is a table top strategy game.It involves thinking and concentration.
War Hammer 40,000 consists of the Space Marines. The Space Marines are great warriors of the galaxy and there skills are amazing. The Space Marines armor is very strong and there weapons better. Space Marines are usually equipped with a weapon called the Bolt Pistol. The Space Marines fight against another race called the Space Orks. The Space Orks have ok weapons and not that great armor. Yet the big difference between the Space Orks and Space Marines is the Space Orks have an amazing number of them. So if you are a Space Ork leader then you will have to over run the Space Marines with your huge numbers.
  The cool thing about War Hammer 40,000 is you can make your own army and verse your friends army. Usually you'll both have the same number of squads. Squads are 5 things in a group. Squads usually have a sergeant to guide them. Now if you get tired of the bolt pistol there are different things the Space Marines have. One example is the Light flamer. The flamer ignites a flame and if  your lucky, it sprays a whole group of enemies. Not only that but, there's Space Marines with Assault Cannon's and other powerful weapons.
 What? You want to know about the great close combat weapons?(no you don't)Sure I'll tell you! Usually a Space Marine will have a power fist or such a weapon to battle his foes, but you can get different close combat weapons also. Sergeants have power swords which cut through matter easily ensuring a good fight. There is the ultimate close combat weapon for the Space Marines which is the Lighting Claws. Its based on energy and when it touches something it rips right through. Look at the picture which shows an Ultra Marine With Lighting Claws

  Now don't let the text fool you. Space Marines are usually out fitted in normal Space Marine Armor, but the Lighting Claws require Terminator Armor. Space Marine armor is good but not the best! If you want armor then get yourself some Terminators! Ah, yes Terminators have the best known armor. There armor weighs about 1-2 tons, has its own life support systems, own radar's, and is extremely thick. Terminators such as the Blood Angels have Storm Bolters. Storm Bolters are better than Bolt Pistols because the range may be farther. Now Terminators have very good close combat weapons also. A normal Terminator has the standard Storm Bolter and Power Glove. The Power Glove is strong but not the best. So if you want fighting power then get a Thunder Hammer. The Thunder Hammer comes with a StormSheild. This combination is deadly for fighting one can mean your death. Lets take a look at a Blood Angel in Terminator Armor with A Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer

  Too much talk about Space Marines and Terminators? Well there are Vehicles which are very deadly. Ultra Marine Chapter has tanks and Missile Carriers. Other Chapters have other Vehicles, but i don't know too much about those yet! Yet here is a pic of the Dread Naught Bot. It looks hell so if your making an army you should always have one of these init!



War Hammer is a good strategy game with much things to do!
Not only do you build your own army, but you paint it as well!
War Hammer 40,000 receives a good 85% of a 100%
I recommend you get some figures if only to look at them!

  Where to get this?

You can get War Hammer 40,000 at local card shops. Yet my mall has a store called GamesWorkshop.
Games WorkShop IS the Company that made War hammer 40,000! In that store they have paint, extra figures, captains, pretty much everything you need to make a killer army.Where can this be found? Well i live in Connecticut , where there is a Games WorkShop. Also Virginia has a few! Happy hunting!

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