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Lina's Dragon Slave Spell!

  Out of the hundreads of anime's that there are.....Slayers is one of my personal favorites.
Its story line is great and well unfolded while keeping track of the current plot.The anime pictures are great themselves.
The reason for this is the pictures are those expressing types.If the character is nervous you see a big drop float over there head.Or when Lina Fireballs some place then she has that sly look on her face.I like this touch up in some animes such as this one.
  Another good thing about Slayers is there storyplot.It starts with Lina destroying a theif's hideout and looting some treasure.After a bit she is seen walking on a forest trail.The theives return and are angry.When they argue and are about to fight...Gourry jumps in slashing and hacking at the theives.He sorta saves Lina and then Lina acts as if she needed the help.Yet Gourry is not so bright and he thinks Lina is a little girl , not a Sorceress.
  The anime is funny and I laugh a lot during it.I like this kidish kind of anime....and no its not that kidish!Only a stupid person would think that(hahaha).
Gourry.....the fighter with the brains of a jelly fish

   The spells are greatly made...
When Lina casts her fireball it is nicely drawn to show her chanting then executing the fire blast.The neat thing is the explosion after the fireball hits the target.

Lina's Fireball!

  Hehehehhe she looks deadly as she casts her Dragon Slave Spell!Its her most powerful spell and she must chant a lot of verses as she powers up her shot.It is made to slay dragons and thats exactly what it does...The after shock looks like a nuke!Here's the pics that show her Dragon Slave Spell in order.

She chants!
She powers up!
She shoots!
She hits!

Quite a spell huh?
Well that pretty much sums up the basics of Slayers! 
The battles are pretty well fought and its not same ol same ol battleing!
Just to show you how she casts her fireball....look at the animated gif.It shows her meditate then shoot her fireball.It explodes on the barely visible dragon.

Fireball shot!


This is a great anime for all ages.
I give it a good 98% of a 100%
Its storyplot is great and the animation itself is awesome.
I recommend you to at least see the first few episodes and see if you like it!

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