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Well here are a list of links which either i think are worthy of existence or they just linked me so i linked them!
Remember if you want your link showing brightly here then Email me and tell me so we can link up each others pages!

Anime Nation...this is the place to shop online if your going to buy anime. They have a huge stock and lots of stuff to see. I did in fact order from here. They got it to me like 4 days afterwards and they had almost everything i ordered BUT they did a great job...also they probaly have slaves working to have such low prices. Anyways.....if you wanna shop then get over there!


This Turnpike is great!!!
It has links for any or all animes you have ever seen or wanted to!There are so much links but i don't have enough time to goto them all...You should check it out!Its great for all your anime needs!It has links for Home Pages....Commercial Pages...Shopping guides!Well Just go take a look at it.....NOW!!!!!

 Catlyn's Boring and Obsolete Web Page!

Catlyn is one of my close buddies on the net.Her page is cool yet it needs more images!I already told her that!
Well check it out !!!

 Kiwidawn's Home page

Kiwidawn is yet another close buddy of the net.Her page is also cool and has a bit of links that you may want to see!So try it out!!!!!


This is my friend Leona's web page. She did a great job and theres so much links there i was dazed in awe! = Þ
Well you should see it because with all these might find something you like!

 Royal Fool's Slayers Page!

Ha..this is THE Slayers page. It has everything from the images and music to even fanfic's and scans. If you like Slayers or just anime then you gotta check out this page. Hell i would nominate it some prize but i'm no prize giver.


Ahhhh another anime fan!Gotta love em!Well here's a great page!It has info about the current industry of video game companies and pretty much what's going on!His page is good with all the images and his Game Girl page is awesome!
I recommend you seeing this page!

 Yahoo! Chat

Yahoo! is a great place to chat!I sometimes go there but i don't got the time!If you go there you may find me under the names as 7_Cloud_7 or Bounty_Hunter_
You should go there....its fun and easy to register!