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Hello this part I ramble on and on about current events in my life.You might go Blind reading about this but I warned you. Ummm i am fixing some stuff because of certain picky people! You know who you are!

I don't feel like talking about normal life.Nothing Exciting happened
Lets see Hmmm.....
Ah yes Why don't i speak of a tale
A one that happened (or I might be Exaggerating it...A LOT) in my life not too long ago.

It started when I got ready to go Camping.My Friends and I were off to the great woods and I was packing and my mom yelling.I scrambled around the house looking for important items that would help me.As I finished my friends car came around the corner.I gave a quick glance at it and hurried grabbing my stuff.I took my sleeping bag and such and piled into their van.
 While in the van we sang songs and played games that ended up in people screaming at one another.After about a hour on the road we saw the entrance to the woods...well it was more like a little road that leaded to the Lake.At the Lake we would then have to boat to the Island where our camp site would be.My friends mom got out of the van and the family did the usual to get the boat into the water and ready to be driven.As we skimmed the water at about 50 knots i looked at the Island that was barely visible.
 We got to the island in a matter of minutes and stopped at the sandy beach which was about 10 feet big.We unloaded our small cargo of about a few 100 pounds and settled up all the tents and such.My Friends and I went swimming and had a Friendly game of "Dunk the persons head under the water until they turn blue".I of course was winning but um we won't get into that or i could be sued.So afterwards we dried off and ate a few Hot dogs.Then we wandered a bit far from the campsite.It was about 6:00 o clock.I checked my stuff and sat by the warming fire.As i sat i heard an unsettling noise in the back.Not dark yet i walked towards it.I checked the bushes but saw nothing and no sound was heard.My friends smallest brother asked "what's wrong".I replied "Nothing never mind" and sat down again and we told each other stuff about what happened in school.Then my friends small brother (Not smallest) jumped up yelling some words.I was too lazy to wonder what he was saying but then his brother ran off yelling like a banshee into the wilderness.Well NO ONE i repeat NO ONE can die when i'm on watch.So I grabbed a lantern and a Small Axe.My friend cracked his knuckles and said he needs no weapon....then he thought twice about it and grabbed another little hatchet that was laying down.I walked like Cloud from FF7 and my friend walked like Tifa.We both wandered in the forest for about 2 minutes and were lost.I checked the footprints his beastly brother left and followed them."Its no use" my friend kept saying.Yet i forced us on past all the thorns and sticks and rabid animals.Then there was a noise.We both jumped and took out our axes.We listened closely and watched our backs.It was dark now yet the lantern made part of the forest bright.The sound was like hissing footsteps.Then it got closer.My friend winked at me and said "Lets hit it with all we got".Unluckly my friend = 1/2 a person.So we grabbed our axes above our heads waiting for it to walk into our path of sliceing.Then the sound was right close enough AND WE.............
Um er
ugh i forgot i think i was drunk ....really drunk but oh well i have no idea what happened and its your fault for reading this far now leave me alone.I'm gonna goto my friend  nicknamed Boozo the clown and get some booze.
Right David *wink , wink*

 Christmas Day

  I woke up in the morning and my eyes were barely open.I thought "What day is today?"Then i remembered it was christmas!
I rushed downstairs like a bat out of hell and tripped over my small axe.I flew a good two feet and landed on the presents which broke my fall.I shrieked in joy as i looked at the field of presents.After i opened most of them and yelled out screams of joy, i heard a clashing sound.It got closer and i looked around.The sound was like metal pounding in the ground and glass breaking.I ran to my basement and pushed the secret button.A panel came out and it wanted verification.I gladly entered
******** (Top Secret Information Which May NOT I repeat MAY NOT be revealed to any peasants or family members of peasants, stupid people, dumb people, robbers, or esp. the government.) and out came a special stair case.I gladly walked down it and saw a huge room with steel walls and a lot of computers.I walked through the room and entered another.This room had marble looking walls and a big big robot in the middle.On the robot it printed "NERV wannabe EVA".
I marveled at its beauty and walked to the elevator.It took me up a good 6 stories and i entered the robot.As i sat in the cock-pit i viewed all status and made sure weapons were nominal.So i turned on the robot with a few button pushes and  the robot looked around.It gleamed to life and its hands gripped tightly together.I shouted a victory scream and quickly made a few more checks.It was ok and i was ready for launch.I looked around then slammed the Launch button.The robot speed up the chute at a high speed.Quickly i saw the outside sky and i looked as my house got smaller and smaller under me.I boosted up a good 500 FT and then i started to feel gravity push me down.I turned on the jet engines and unholstered the pulse rifle.I looked about and floated in the air.Suddenly a force hit my robot.I screamed and hung on to the controls.I quickly jetted to the side and avoided being hit again.I saw the repulsive monster.It had huge fangs and was a big fish/ant looking monster.Its eyes were red and it had gills.I was shocked but quickly fired a few rounds hitting it.The monster sprang back and hit me with its tenticles.I already used up half my gasoline for the jet engines and i had to conserve some so i landed.I ran like a berserker at the monster and struck it with a power sword.It screamed in pain and knocked me down with a laser shot.My cock-pit turned red with emergency lights as the armor started to crack.I checked it off and shot another 5 rounds hitting the monster 4 times.It turned at me with its butt in the air and the monster actually grew another tenticle.I also looked and saw another crappy monster head at me.I cursed like a friggin mad man and shot at the other monster.It reacted by throwing a bigger size frag grenade.$%@# I yelled and quickly flipped on my defense.The grenade exploded and and a orange flame engulfed me.Then a bone crushing sound followed like i knew it would.I got mad and fired a good 8 shots and all 8 counted.Then at the worst time my gun jammed and i couldn't unjam it.$%@# i yelled in anger (again) and ran at it.I forgot the innocent building and i tripped over it landing in a parking lot full of cars.The robot (the one i was in) mad a huge cracking noise as it hit ground zero.I looked at the monster which came too close.It picked me up and shook me.The robot couldn't hold much more damage.The controls were overheating and it pained me whenever i touched the buttons.I screamed as a shot hit me from behind.The robot and me were surely goners.I looked at the monster which clung onto me and i stared at it with a full rage.It must of sensed my rage because the damn thing threw me into a building.I couldn't get my robot to get up.I was stuck there in a crippled robot while being a perfect target for a practice.I prayed and said my last words as i saw the beam of death power up in both monsters claws.
Then suddenly a sound so big i couldn't hear anything came at me.I looked around and a flash hit my eyes.I thought my retna's burned out but i was lucky.I gathered my senses and looked.It was another robot!My connection view screen came on and it was a girl in red armor (hint hint).She prided herself and asked if i needed help.I of course said no and she got mad and started firing at the monsters.Our two robots easily ripped open the skin of the monsters and made them bleed hard.
  As the battle ended she buzzed me.I talked with her but she thought i was no fun.I got mad and took off for my place.She looked at me one last time with her robot and then she went her way.I knew i would see her again,but when!?
  I got the robot back home and it was safe.I estimated it would cost about 10 million for repairs and another 20 million for new parts.Thats not so much i said and got my piggy bank..........