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Yes friends.....wheather there Real life friends or internet friends....there friends....
Well this page is my almighty
Bow to it if you wish for it has my friends....
If you see your name here.....BE HAPPY!!!!
Cuz then it means your cool with me...

Also.....if your my friend i'm making a page for most of you.....yes its password protected to ensure that other fruits can't get in.
For now.....keep tight on whats what and keep your info straight!

Now Heres A List Of Friends And What They Are Famous Of

Being Supportive
Lady Joy
- UIN - 1135241
- She was always supportive to any case and i indeed make her a true supporter

Best Of Best Of Friends On the Net

Just Plain Cool People
- UIN - 6308830
- UIN - 3075559
- UIN - 5620261
- UIN - 3406747

Long Time Buddies
-I knew her since my first day of chat and were still good friends!
-KiwiDawn was pretty much my first internet friend....she is cool and fun to chat with.
-I knew her a little after i knew Rsnow2...we were ok at first but now were good friends.
- UIN - 7253515
-I knew her for a while and i like to chat with her...she always has something worthwhile to say.
Cait Sith
- UIN - *can't tell*
-He's my real life friend...i have few of em who are on the net... oh well he's pretty cool but sorta crazy... must be his bro
- UIN - *i don't think she wants it out =)~*
-Shes my friend from 8th grade, we talked and did stuff...pretty fun to hang out with..'cept she's mad at me like always =)
-Aww i forgot poor kiwiwiwiwiwi...well she knew me bout as long as kiwidawn......and kiwi2 just as cool as kiwi if not cooler...

Nice People
-She's very very very very very nice!
-She's also very very very very very nice!
Cutie  [FNORD]
- UIN - 2584351
-She's very nice and makes me feel happy... i like to talk to her.

People Who Are Cool To Chat With
-I met him in chat and we got off on the wrong foot...but now were bud's and he keeps the talking going.
Crazy Driver
- UIN - 6367679
-Just a funny guy... I like chatting with him because he has a cool sense of humor.
- UIN - *he don't want me too tell it ..... i know why...*
- Stone is my favorite person to chat with...he makes me laugh a hell of a lot  and never takes anything serouisly.
- UIN - ????
- I met her in chat one day and i had so much fun talking to her.... she made me laugh and i liked her way of things.
-I was introduced to her by Kiwidawn... Kiwi2 is an awesome person to chat with and i don't get bored talking to her.

Gone for infinity =(
Neriah Fetish
-Yes she is gone =( ....she hasn't been on for at least 3 months...*sigh* i hope she shows up, i'll miss her cool sense of things...
-A lot of us will miss Snowy...he's been like a............chatter to me and i'd be cool to talk to him 'again.
-Me and her chatted in Yahoo and then in ICQ....she was so fun to be with, but now she's hardly ever on....if ever.........


ICQ NUMBER - 4639749

Damnit..... She's my one of my best friends on the net!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's too cool to talk to and she encourages me greatly!
I can't wait till she sends me her picture
Catlyn hurry SEND!!!!!!
well enough....
i'll have my tribute to you up soon.... when i'm not lazy = )~
***No Link Yet***

ICQ NUMBER - 7276432

Jennifer.......she's a mom of two bright little kids
For me....moms are ok ...... but with Jennifer here ..... she tips the WHOLE DAMN BALANCE to the moms side ......
She's really cool to talk to and usually i can count on her to hear me out with whatever i have to say
If i could.... i would love to live with her ...... but of course with me there..... she would die of too much work to do because i'm so lazy  =Þ
Well Jennifer......I'm glad we met! Your Too cool and i wish ya some great luck

***No Link Yet***


ICQ NUMBER - 2569424

KiwiDawn was my first internet friend/buddy
I remember the first day in chat and she was nice to me
And she still is nice except for sometimes (shame on you kiwiz! =Þ).... we get along fine and she is sometimes funny
She also is one of those people who get to me when i don't send them something they want
hehehe Well Kiwi.....stay cool and stay outta trouble unlike ME!!!!!!!!

***No Damn link***

I'm Last!
If you want my ICQ number then here
I like to chat and trade files
I like music like midi's and Mp3's
I also love anime as you saw
if you have those or share interest.....then talk to me =)

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