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Evangelion is one of the best anime's there is.It has a good storyplot which develops quickly and the anime itself is pretty good.
As you start the seris you bump into the main character,Shinji Ikari.Shinji is a shy kid who doesn't know how to express his
feelings easyily.Then Misato is the other main character.She is the captain of NERV headquaters.

AkmShinji middle, Rei Left, Misato right

As Shinji gets to know his partner an Angel attacks.Angels are a race of beings trying to get rid of human life for an unknown reason.At first Shinji is quite horrible at controling his Eva.
It walks but falls over and he starts to get destroyed.
Yet after a seris of blows the EVA over contorls it self
and a berserker is formed.

Middle, Unit 01 , Left, Unit 02 ,Right, Unit 00kj

There are many Eva's in the seris.Big robots with weapons.Yet the best thing of the seris is the producers don't only concentrate on the Huge robots,but the storyline and life of the pilot.Most shows always only care about the mechs and not the poor pilots who pilot them.
 There are many different pilots.
Some of the pilots who's lives we get to
know and are main characters include:


Rei is the most main reason behind Evangelion.(Don't worry I won't spoil it)
As the story develops she is silent at first.She has no friends and quietly studies by
herself.Shinji seems to be interested and tries to talk to her.
But she only ignores him.
Rei pilots Eva unit 00
The unit is strong and can resist attacks.Yet with this EVA she hardly gets to fight in the first few episodes.


Asuka is got to later.She is powerful in her EVA and prideful.Yet she is stuck up and likes to make fun of poor Shinji.
As the story develops she is the EVA unit 02 pilot.
With her pride and good skills she is a valuable pilot.
She starts living with Shinji and they have to get to work in a team.
Yet even afterwards they still don't get along to well...
Most of the later episodes have Asuka in her EVA fighting off the threat of Angels
and she's quite well at it too.


As i said Evangelion is one of the best anime's there is...
I rate Evangelion a good 95% out of a 100%
It deserves it for the story line and anime...
The episodes are 0:01 - 0:09
And two big movies.
After that the seris ends.

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