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  The Chaos Marines are a feared evil force.They were alive for more than 10,000 years and long ago broken off from the Imperium and an enemy.The Chaos Marines are a horrid chapter of Marines who have befallen there honour and joined the evil side.Since they are 10,000 years old there armor is very old and ancient looking. The worst part is the Chaos Marines are aided by some demonic forces which will help them in times of battle.

  I like the Chaos Marines for two reasons. First is they look awesome...check out there armor and auto reaper guns. The Terminator Chaos Marines have little spikes and rusted metal for a neat look. Second is they are extremely powerful... a Terminator Chaos Marine has the same stats as a light tank.I am probaly going to make a Chaos Marine army whilest i build my Blood angel Army. The demons are even cool looking. Check out these wholesome pics...
This Chaos Marine has space marine armor

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