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  The Blood Angels are the most honourable chapters known so far.The Blood Angels also were the first chapter to encounter the Genestealer hordes and also fought aboard the Space Hulk.Baal, The Blood Angels home planet, is in ruins due to fights and pollution.I'm not Sure about this but i know theres a flaw in the genseed of either the Blood Angels chapter itself or the Death company...if you can tell me if the flaw is in the chapter or just the death company i would be most happy. = D

  The Blood Angels are my Chapter.I play as them because one i like there background story and two there the chapter in the game so i just wanna play as em. There a good chapter because of the squad named The Death company. That squad is dieing of a flaw so they just equip themselves and go on suicide missions hopeing to die in combat and not of the flaw.And of course i bought Space Hulk and not War Hammer 40,000 so it was best to put Blood angel Terminators. ^_-
 This Blood Angel has Space marine Armor

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